Dr Taksina Dental Clinic specializes in pediatric dentistry, the staff at our clinics can offer you and your children a calm and safe environment in which to have your child's dentistry done. schedule an appointment for your child here

dental equipmentDr Taksina uses only the best equipment in the dental industry, all equipment is sterilized in the autoclave prior to use and sterility is of utmost importance, please click on the photo above to see more information on the services offered.

laser whitening smileLaser whitening is a procedure where a chemical compound is applied to the teeth to breakdown excess oxygen that has adhered to the enamel. Then a laser is applied to speed up the reaction. The procedure will take 1 hour and will leave you teeth brighter for up to 3 years.

dental-crownDental crowns are tooth shaped caps that are placed over a broken or damaged tooth restoring the original tooth shape and functionality. Click on the above photo for more information on dental crowns and dental restoration

pain in the toothHaving tooth pains in your teeth or gums? With time gums can become inflamed and the internal structure of teeth can become infected and weak. Let Dr Taksina's over 18 years of experience guide you finding a perfect solution to any and all of your dental needs.

dental implantDental Implants are the most modern and widely used piece of prosthetic dentistry available to replace lost or broken teeth. Implants are essentially artificial tooth roots that are surgically inserted into the jaw bone